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30 March 2017


WebbyCities Considers Paranormal Phenomenon Newsworthy 

By the Webmaster


The dictionary defines the paranormal as not understandable in terms of known scientific laws and beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.

There are many people who share beliefs in the paranormal as well as skeptics who have a keen interest in the subject matter.

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society for example, has a comprehensive list of links to various websites that educate the public about paranormal investigations, and promote the interest of paranormal perceptual experiences.

Live news feeds are updated with articles pertaining to the supernatural and more.

WebbyCities is not responsible for the content or links displayed in news feeds.

The information is transmitted through a third-party, and therefore we cannot control the results displayed.

As far as my personal views, I call actual paranormal activity for what it is. I call it the unexplained.


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