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10:58 AM EDT - Thursday, April 26, 2018

Web Development

My name is Jeff. I am the founder and head designer of "WebbyCities.net".
WebbyCities was established in 2005 as WebbyCities.com.
In 2006 WebbyCities.com became WebbyCities.net.
WebbyCities.com was then successfully established as a hosting company, owned and operated by Cynthia Pettit.

There have been a lot of other companies come and go over the years. They charged a lot of money for what I thought was not a very good job. The number one goal should be to please you, the customer!

I have been designing, developing, and maintaining web sites since 1997.
I now work as a web developer at WebbyCities.com.
My experience and coding skills include knowledge of (X)HTML and CSS.
I also code Perl, PHP, and MySQL.

If you need a web developer that will create or improve your web site, at a reasonable price, contact Cindy at WebbyCities.com.


Some of the sites where I have done major work.

WebbyCities Hosting

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society

All In Books

JoeKards Caricatures

Hope Church - West Bend, Wisconsin

Music Promoter USA

WebbyCities.com Wii Site

WebbyCities.net Wii Site

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